Issue 7 (2015): 4th World Conference on Innovation and Computer Sciences (INSODE-2014)

Table of Contents


Table of contents PDF
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ozcan Asilkan
Evaluation of car accident prevention systems through onboard diagnostic PDF
Gül Fatma Türker, Akif Kutlu
Integrating expert information on tobacco production PDF
Kolyo Onkov, Hristo Bozukov, Maria Kasheva
Word sense disambiguation using adaboost and j48 combination PDF
Razieh Omidzadeh, Seyed Abdolmajid Mousavi, Hassan Naderi
Breath analysis with photoacoustic spectrometer PDF
İsmail Bayrakli, Hatice Akman
An efficient tabu search method for multiple sequence alignment PDF
Lamiche Chaabane, Moussaoui Abdelouahab
Theoretical research on a new extrusion process with movable sleeve of flange on hollowed billets PDF
Andrzej Gontarz, Grzegorz Winiarski
Performance comparison of spectral based approaches on fabric defect detection PDF
Hasan Güler, Mahit Güneş
Analysis of the helical wedge rolling process for producing a lever preform PDF
Zbigniew Pater
Analysis for feature extraction on block based spatial domain PDF
Ceren Güzel, Hasan Sakir Bilge
Implicit surface visualisation using Adaptive Raymarching PDF
Pavel Janečka, Karel Petránek
The evaluation of system success model on CRM applications PDF
Banu Baklan
Punjabi speech processing: Lp analysis and synthesis PDF
Surinder Dhanjal, Satvinder Singh Bhatia
Solutions regarding some cryptographic key issues for the pixel-sieve cryptographic method PDF
Incze Arpad
Selection of a functional sizing methodology: A telecommunications company case study PDF
Selami Bağrıyanık, Adem Karahoca, Ersin Ersoy
A mono crossover genetic algorithm for TSP PDF
Hemmak Allaoua, Bouderah Brahim
Wind electric unit of a new type PDF
Hemmak Allaoua, Baibutanov Birzhan Karimzhanovich
A numerical algorithm for distribution of a low concentrated salt solution in the reservoirs PDF
Zhanar Omarova, Meyirha Bektegenov
Ecological Monitoring System Based On Fuzzy Productional Rules PDF
Saule Rakhmetullina, Yerken Turganbayev
Parallel noise removing process on hot rolled rail images for defect detection PDF
ilhami muharrem orak, Ahmet Çelik
Information system of educational statistics as a tool for quality management in education PDF
Yerken Turganbayev, Indira Uvaliyeva, Aliya Nugumanova

ISSN: 2147-5369